Central Coast Robotics

Welcome to Central Coast Robotics

Our mission is to promote robotics on California's central coast, as a medium for education - and fun!
At present, local FIRST teams and other robotics programs are included here. Stay tuned for more teams and related event listings.

FIRST Robotics Competition

FIRST Robotics Competition teams:

Eagle Robotics
(Arroyo Grande High School)

Greyhound Revolutionary Robotics
(Atascadero High School)

FRC resources:

Chief Delphi

FIRST Lego League

FIRST Lego League teams:

Harloe Roadrunner Robotics
(Harloe Elementary School)

Bricks For Brains

VEX Robotics Competition

VEX Robotics Competition teams:

Titan Robotics
(Nipomo High School)

Other robotics programs

(Santa Maria area)
Are you interested in joining, starting or sponsoring a team? Do you have a team or program you'd like listed here?
For more information, contact info@ccbots.org